A game of trust.
For five to ten players.


The Rules

Partisans is a game of trust for five to ten players. Your goal as a player is to gain the trust of the group, so that you are selected to perform missions.

The players are all members of a secret organization, called Partisans, which is attempting to gain power. In order to succeed, the group must perform three missions. Unfortunately the group has been infiltrated by undercover agents known as Operatives, who are bent on subverting the missions.

The group knows how many Operatives there are, but not their identities. The Operatives, on the other hand, are aware of each others' identities.

The game is divided into rounds. At the start of each round, a Mission Coordinator is chosen at random. The Coordinator is in charge of selecting team members for the current mission. The Coordinator can select herself.

The group then votes on the selected team candidates. The vote is yea or nay, with a yea vote requiring a majority to prevail. Please note that the vote is for the entire mission team; you cannot vote yea for one team member and nay for another. Any wrangling about a particular team member should be handled verbally before the vote is taken.

If the vote fails, then a new round begins, and a new Coordinator makes her choices. If a majority of the group approves the choices, then the mission can proceed.

A mission will succeed if no Operatives are on the team. If an Operative is on the team, then she has the option of sabotaging the mission, which will cause the mission to fail.

The only way for a mission to fail is via sabotage. This means that if a mission fails, the group can be sure that at least one Operative was involved.

Note that an Operative does not have to sabotage a mission: She can choose to allow the mission to succeed.

If the Partisans perform three missions successfully, then they win. The Operatives win if they manage to sabotage three missions.

There is one other way for the game to end: Deadlock. If all players have a turn as Coordinator for a given mission, and in each round the proposed team configuration is voted down, then the game ends with a victory for the Operatives.

Questions and Answers

To start a game, should I Host or Join?
Only one player needs to be the Host. Everyone else should Join.
If I am the Host, what do I have to do?
Once you Host a game, you will be shown a Game Code that you'll need to share with the players so that they can join. Your device will need to be awake and running Partisans to allow the other players to take certain actions, like joining the game, casting a vote, or performing a mission. As Host, you are also responsible for moving the game forward at certain points; the game will prompt you to start a new round or initiate a mission, as needed.
I'm unable to join a game. What should I do?
First, check that the Host's device is awake and running Partisans. Next, verify that you and the Host are on the same WiFi network. Then, make sure that you have the correct Game Code; you can clear out the current Game Code by going back to the Partisans menu and re-entering the Join Game screen. If all else fails, try a controlled setup: Have the Host hosting, and all players leave the game. Then stop the app by double-tapping the device's Home button and closing Partisans on the multitasking menu. Have the Host start Partisans and Host a new game. Then, one by one, have each player join the game.
How do I perform a mission?
If you have been selected as a team member for a mission, then you will be brought to the Perform Mission screen once the Host initiates the mission.

Partisans is open source.

If you have further questions or comments, or you wish to heap praise upon me, please feel free to send me an email.

In any case, thank you for playing!

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